A Great Equine Dental Short Course and Wet Lab – held May 24 to 26, 2018

Well, This was an amazingly successful Wet Lab, thank you all for participating.

Here are some of the highlights. Can’t wait to do this again.

The Whole Gang

Day 1

Day 1 of an amazing weekend of learning. Everyone is good and tired tonight after many hours on the end of a float. Thank you so very much to Dr. Jack Easley for a fantastic day, everyone is extremely tired and happy. Thank you to Dr. Chad Hewlett and your amazing staff for everything you have done for us. Every single person couldn’t believe what a beautiful, well thought out clinic Energy Equine is. It is the most perfect place to hold a wet lab and we are so grateful you have allowed us this opportunity. I would also like to express our gratitude to our amazing supporters for attending and traveling far distances to attend and our generous sponsors Precision Canada, Scil, Vetoquinol and MAI for the Flexifloat, Swissfloat for the Terafloat and HDE for the water cooling unit. This is a large undertaking and I couldn’t have pulled it off without my super amazing husband Doug, who built us great headstands and helped with a million other things. My sister Rhonda who has worked tirelessly and Dr. Easley’s wonderful wife Sydney for her help and guidance. On to day two!!

Day 2

Day two of our wet lab was another great day. The veterinarians were able to work on a number of horses with unique dental problems and help make treatment decisions. SCIL was on hand with equipment and groups were able to rotate stations and learn excellent techniques used for dental X-rays. With an excellent variety of power equipment available for use each practitioner was able to float with the HDE, the Terafloat and the Flexifloat. On to day three…………..oh and did I mention what an incredible man Dr. Easley is. 

Day 3

And here is day three of our wet lab. What an amazing group of veterinarians we had. There was excellent discussions and interaction between everyone and they all left with renewed confidence. Thank you to everyone who made this weekend a huge success.


Thanks everyone for being part of such an amazing experience.